Perfect Sweet 16 Gift: Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit

20140915_08045520140915_080205I ordered this for Lucy, who JUST TURNED 16!!! I was so excited to see the goodies in the box.  There are a couple cards showing you how to change a flat and what to do in case of an accident. The rest of the stuff is really useful for any situation – snack bar and water in case you have to walk, disposable blanket to keep warm, glow stick, bandage strips, you name it! There is even pain reliever, all tucked away in the coolest metal lunchbox that will fit perfectly in the back of Andy’s minivan. Since we couldn’t afford to give her a car for sweet 16, we figured keeping her prepared no matter what she drives, is the next best thing.

I have to add to this. Lucy was surprisingly (and happily for us!) excited to get this. She and Gracie both looked through the contents – Grace wanted the lip balm and snack bar. Lucy was most impressed with the thermal blanket and really liked the SafetyGirl-branded water. Andy told her he’d give her $5 if she took her lunch in the box to school. I’m not holding my breath on that one! But if you have a new driver and can’t afford a car, get her the next best thing – the SafetyGirl Roadside Emergency Kit!

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