Pink Power!

Needle nose pliers – the bane of my existence! I need the pliers, but they keep walking away from where I hid them. I can never seem to find them even when I hid them so no one else can find them!

I’m almost sure, in a houseful of men, my tools would be safe if they were pink and had a dark pink tool beltdark belt. That’s the power of pink, in this case – PINK PROTECTION!  You gotta love the dark pink color, heavy-duty suede leather and adjustable waist (fits waists 30″ – 42″) with hammer loop. There are 9 utility pockets to make a place for just about anything you’re carrying around.

toolkitThis has to be a bigger problem than just at our house. I have a sneaky feeling that it’s more about convenience – as in, I know where this is because the person-who-puts-stuff-up put it here, than ANYTHING else!  I’m not totally sure that PINK has the POWER to keep the tools safe, but I’ll keep you posted!  It’s certainly worth a try if I can find the secret is PINK POWER!


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