Suit Up, Ladies!

On any job site, whether it’s large or small, safety is always a key issue, but safety gear only works if a worker wears it and if it fits correctly. Ill fitting safety gear can actually be more of a hazard than a help. Loose fitting garments can get caught in machinery causing an accident, and tight fitting garments can restrict movement.

Women's Overalls

Traditionally men held the types of jobs that require safety gear, so naturally most safety gear is sized for men. As women became more and more common on the labor scene, they simply wore smaller versions of men’s sizes. For years this has worked well enough, so no one stepped back to consider the obvious: since men and women are shaped differently from head to toe, why not create a line of overalls sized for women?

Women's Overalls from Dickies

Well, women’s overalls are finally available from several different manufacturers. Tailored to fit a woman’s figure, these overalls allow a woman to function comfortably throughout the day. But making a pair of overalls specifically for a woman goes beyond just tailoring the garment to fit a woman’s shape.

Other challenges include eliminating the traditional bulky appearance of a jumpsuit by concealing breast pockets, shoulder pleats for easy upper body movement, and a hidden drop seat for restroom convenience. Some styles come complete with built in kneepads and removable sleeves, and overalls are manufactured in a variety of materials to suit warm weather as well as cold weather c0nditions.

No longer will women have to settle for a man’s coveralls. Now women can step into their work day confident and comfortable, ready to show up, suit up and get the job done.

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