Pepper Sprays in Disguise

In addition to creating the most powerful pepper sprays, foams, and gels on the market, Mace carries a variety of special products to keep you protected in a variety of situations. At Safety Girl, you’ll find an unbeatable selection of Mace products at the best prices on the Internet!

Although many of Mace’s pepper sprays are designed to be extremely compact and easily concealed, Mace also offers a wide variety of disguised pepper spray products. These great products add an extra surprise factor to your attack because they don’t look like pepper sprays, or any self-defense mechanism.

Designed specifically for women, the Hot Pink Mace Pepper Spray will surprise any attacker because the container looks like an innocent pink lipstick tube. Featuring five ten-foot bursts of Mace’s maximum strength 10% pepper spray formula, this pepper spray in disguise will disguise and then ward off any attacker. This pepper spray offers a triple threat of power, disguise, and value.

The Mace Pen Defender will fool anyone because it doubles as a high quality ballpoint pen. Use it for writing, but upon removing the safety cap from the top of the pen, you’ll have the power to ward off an attacker with Mace’s ultimate 10% pepper spray formula. This pen is capable of spraying six five-foot bursts.

If you need a serious level of protection that parallels some law enforcement personnel, then Mace’s Triple Action Police is the product for you. Mace’s Triple Action formula features three self-defense mechanisms in one device: a powerful pepper spray formula that causes the eyes to slam shut and the throat to swell, tear gas causing disorientation and intense tearing, and invisible UV dye to mark attackers. Mace’s Tripe Threat Action Police contains ten sprays of up to twelve feet, a flip-top safety cap, finger-grip dispenser, and a belt clip and key chain for a perfect balance of power, safety, and ease of use. You’ll be making a small investment in one of the most powerful personal self-defense tools on the market.

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