Pepper Spray Success Stories

At Safety Girl, we’re all about being prepared in the event of an emergency. One of the simplest ways to make sure you’re ready to defend yourself in a crisis situation is to carry a simple, personal pepper spray. Carrying pepper spray can be useful in defending yourself, and even save your life, in so many situations, from a dark urban parking lot to a quiet country road.

To make the most out of your pepper spray, and increase the chances of defending yourself effectively, make sure you:

  • Know exactly how to use your pepper spray. Read all instructions and practice removing any safety devices.
  • Keep your pepper spray accessible at all times. Fishing around in your purse for your spray will cause you to waste precious time.
  • Create one or two plans for how you will use your pepper spray to defend yourself. Often, pepper sprays must be use within 10 feet of an attacker to be effective. Gels and fogs also have different directive qualities than conventional sprays. Know how your spray works.

Just because Safety Girl sells pink pepper sprays or sprays disguised as lipstick containers, doesn’t mean that pepper sprays are just for women! In an extreme crisis situation last December, a man in Butte, Montana used pepper spray to effectively ward off two attackers carrying knives.

The situation began at a local gas station, where the 24-year-old victim was filling his vehicle. Two attackers approached and started punching the victim in the face. The victim quickly entered his vehicle and began driving towards his home. Unfortunately, the attackers followed the victim, who eventually got out of his car and began to run away from the attackers. As the attackers drew closer, the victim sprayed the attackers with pepper spray, and the attackers left the scene.

This is just one of many stories of victims successfully defending themselves with pepper spray. Most importantly, the victim in this situation was fortunate to have his pepper spray accessible and know how to use it effectively. Don’t be caught unarmed! Purchase a pepper spray to fit your needs today at

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