All I Want for Christmas is … Pepper Spray!?


Crime can increase during the holidays, so don’t forget to arm yourself with Pepper Foam, Gels, and Foggers from Safety Girl. Remember, these little tubes put the power to protect yourself from an attacker in your own hands, giving you the ability to stall your attacker while you run for help. They’re reasonably priced and are a worthy investment for you personal safety.

Mace 10% Pepper Foam is compact but powerful and easily fits in your purse. Pepper foam spray is a revolutionary new formula that combines 10% pepper and foam and delivers a powerful double-duty attack. The pepper provides the intense burning sensation associated with most pepper sprays. The thick foam covers your attacker’s face and forces his eyes to shut. The large-size Mace Pepper Foam contains five one-second foam bursts that spray 6-10 feet and includes a flip top safety cap. UV dye incorporated into the foam invisibly marks an assailant.

The Pepper Mace Outdoor Fogger is perfect for camping and wilderness outings. The Pepper Mace Fogger contains a powerful OC pepper and foam formula creates a burning sensation and causes the assailant’s eyes to slam shut upon contact with the fog. This great fogger contains 25 one-second bursts of foam and can spray up to eight feet.

Need protection at home and away? The Sabre’s ever-so-popular Combo Home Pepper Foam and Away Self Defense-Spray Protection Kit is the perfect solution! This Combo Kit comes complete with two self-defense sprays: a home unit and a keychain unit with a case. The home unit features a glow-in-the-dark safety switch and a wall mount clip so you can keep the spray in a safe place, away from the kids. The away unit features a black keychain pepper spray with a quick release key ring. Both units contain multiple 8- to 10-foot blasts of powerful pepper spray.

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