Victimization Prevention

Pepper spray is an effective way to prevent victimization. As the economy worsens, more and more reports of criminals and the criminally-minded have surfaced. Women, the elderly, and the ever growing number of homeless individuals and families are being attacked in record numbers.

A common companion of those who travel, work out, or live alone, pepper spray is an effective way to prevent victimization. The fact that most pepper sprays work using a projectile delivery system means often times they can be easily used while keeping the attacker at a distance. The ten foot range can provide protection from a distance which may very well avoid the need to get physical or go hands on with an attacker.

The wide variety of designs currently available to conceal pepper spray, mace, and self defense spray make it easier to have your spray immediately available and possibly even catch your attacker or attackers off guard. These products include:

  • Cyclists Spray – Cyclists tend to choose pepper sprays that attach to the rider’s arms, legs or the bike’s frame and tears away easily for instant access. Another quality cyclists look for is the ballistic stream that directs itself toward the target while decreasing the chance of wind blow-back.
  • Jogger Self Defense Spray for Runners – Those jogging should consider pepper sprays with an adjustable hand strap or those that can easily attach to and detach from the arm. Also, look for ballistic streams that reduce the chances of having the wind blow the spray back towards the user.
  • Women are often caught off guard by attackers when performing distracting actions such as loading groceries, unlocking doors, or caring for children. Great tools that are readily accessible under most circumstances include the key chain pepper spray, pocket pepper sprays, and pen pepper sprays which are easy to access.
  • Elderly persons are most often overpowered by their attackers who view them as weak and defenseless. Instead of attempting to fight hands on with attackers, it’s best to keep them at a distance if possible. Magnum pepper sprays are great options with their long range and accuracy.

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