Work Like a Man – Look Like a Woman

by Kathy McCarthy

As more and more women have found their way into technical jobs traditionally held by men, a place is developing for women to stake their claim. Years ago, when women first began making inroads into male territories, they arrived quietly, worked hard and tried to blend in.

Rosie Riveter

Now, after years of blending in by wearing men’s safety gear, women are ready to once again look like girls. Gone are the days of women sporting glasses that are two sizes too big. For years, women’s clothing styles have accommodated a transition from office to evening, and now women’s safety wear is finally doing the same.

There are now safety products that are stylish enough for a woman to wear at work as required and at play as desired. The Elvex Chica style safety glasses fit this mold. With a design reminiscent of sophisticated, over-sized sun glasses, these safety glasses come in a variety of lens colors and a tortoise shell frame.

Many brands are now offering safety eyewear designed specifically to fit women with added comfort features like a padded nose bridge, lighter lenses and rubber tipped temples. So there is no excuse for any woman to go through her work day with glasses that are falling off of her nose.

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