Merry Christmas from Safety Girl

20140719_13272020141204_184059Ok so I’ve gotten requests to post progress photos. These are some ugly shots of the wallpaper coming down, in various stages. I have found that stripping an average room, above wainscoting only, takes about 3-5 good hours, including cleanup. It’s a great project because it also can be done in small blocks of time. These two rooms were so much easier to strip than the New room, that I am going to do the stairwell, also.

I’d really like to say I can degloss the trim and paint everything before Christmas, but that isn’t going to happen. I am not sure it will even happen over Christmas. When we next meet again, I should be ready to wrap this room up in a weekend and some change.

It has been a blessed holiday for me. Andy took me and the girls to the theatre to see A Musical Christmas Carol. Over the season we have enjoyed shopping in the city, watching special after special, enjoying some delicacies from our sister store (The English Tea Store), deliberating over gifts for the girls and dropping hints when possible, and making an Advent calendar. 20141204_184109

All of us here at SafetyGirl, Discount Safety Gear, and Construction Gear wish joyous and safe holidays for all of you!20140719_132743

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