Taking a Break from the House

This weekend was my graduation. I am officially an MBA. Nutty thoughts of a PhD are now swirling in my head. I also 20140915_080355got my passport – another story for many more days. I didn’t work on the house. My friend Gale came with her husband Tony, and as he poked and prodded at the Revolutionary War gun my dad restored, and the carved desk that’s been in my family, he said, “you should open a bed and breakfast.” The seed has been planted.

You will hear about my landscaping with my friend Brittany, but that’s probably it on the house for the month. I wanted to check in, though, so you didn’t feel abandoned! I have started running. I have a personal alarm from SafetyGirl because there are animals and other seedy characters along my 2 1/2 mile route. I feel much safer jogging alone, when I am not quite so alone.

This alarm even has a pedometer!

Have a great summer, and I will check in from time to time.

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