Women in Construction Present an Opportunity to Solve the Labor Shortage

As the construction iSafety Girlndustry continues to grow, there is a shortage of skilled workers and construction management professionals. The industry is missing the women’s demographic in the search to fill these gaps. Women construction professionals often enter the industry with a keen sense of self-actualization, which fuels elevated performance.

Women’s perseverance to succeed in an industry they once were told they could not gives women constructors a sense of pride and legacy. Their presence in the industry is not only about their success, but also the success of other potential women employees within the industry.

As we all settle down from the highs of the Women’s March around the world, we need to charge our companies to create an inclusive culture. Companies should strive to create an environment in which differences can be used to strengthen employee engagement, in turn increasing client satisfaction and the company’s bottom line.

Society has become intolerant of gender divides. There is a push in OSHA to set legislation in place to encourage the awareness of gender differences and understand the accommodations that need to be made to create an inclusive environment in the construction industry. There is no doubt that businesses that choose not to embrace diversity will inevitably be left behind.

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