Stay Bright, Be Seen!

All different lines of work require High Visibility attire. Why do we wear high visibility clothing and accessories? Simply for safety. We want to be seen especially when dull colored clothing can often “blend in” with its surroundings. You may be thinking… “I am always aware of my surroundings and do not ever put myself in a situation where I would require hi-vis”. Well, the problem is that it’s not you we’re worried about…it’s those around you. You cannot control the actions of other people. For example, say you are working at a pedestrian cross walk and someone calls to your attention to ask if they can cross. At that moment, your attention is with that individual and not with the man eating a hamburger not paying attention to you driving a mack truck your way. He is more likely to see a bright yellow vest than a black jacket in his peripheral. It’s simple. Even if you don’t need high-vis clothing for you workplace, it’s great for recreational activity such as biking!

Here at Safety Girl, we want women to have the option of stylish yet effective high visibility clothing & accessories.

This ERB Safety Class 2 High-Vis Soft Shell Jacket is a great choice if you want a more contoured look so the jacket is not so bulky.

It also has a black bottomed front so that the dirt is disguised. This jacket is Class 2 rated.

ERB Safety Women's Class 2 High-Vis Soft Shell Jacket - W651ERB Safety Women's Class 2 High-Vis Soft Shell Jacket - W651

These FlexTech Gloves from Wells Lamont are a hot ticket item due to their nitrile palm and thermal lining.

The customer reviews on our site rave that they keep your hands warm in cold temperatures and they also offer a great grip.

Wells Lamont FlexTech Hi-Vis Thermal Lined Gloves - Y9239T

Another great item is for those ladies wearing hard hats in the heat. This Ergodyne Neck Shade is available in both high visibility orange and lime.

It has a reflective strip to enhance visibility and is also ANSI-COMPLIANT!


If you don’t see something you want featured on this specific blog, check out our website or simply chat with us on the site!

Right now you can get these products for 10% off on our site!

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