Inspiring Women: Carrie Mantha

Women are capable of so many things. Very rarely do we stick with one passion our entire lives. We all have different aspirations and the funny thing is…they change over time. It’s important to let the young women know that you do not NEED to know exactly what you want to do in life when you begin college or career seeking. Let’s take for example, a 34 year old woman that has been a surgeon, a runner of healthcare investments, miss Florida USA, a consultant for a biotech company and the founder of two tech companies. She’s a wonder woman! Her name is Carrie Mantha and her current position that she plans to stay in is the founder/CEO of Indira Collection.

You may be thinking…some of those fields are extremely different. Well, she started as a science wiz. She loved numbers and being in the lab. But eventually, that didn’t completely satisfy her passion. She still loved science but wanted to be involved in new developments, therefore she decided to go back to school for an MBA and twisted that to involve her love of fashion that led her to her career now. She is now the founder of Indira Collection, a bridal dress company. Her desire was to take her knowledge for math and science and give an affordable option to those purchasing gowns for weddings.

“ It’s easy for female-focused consumer companies to be seen as un-serious, which is pretty frustrating for founders and executives who are applying hard math and science backgrounds to these sectors” -Carrie Mantha

The main point to sharing this womans’ story with all of you is to show that we are capable of so many things. You can have more than one passion. Simply be yourself and do what makes you happy!

“I’ve always followed my heart, and focused on where I felt I could make the biggest difference. If you don’t look, walk, talk, or dress like people who’ve succeeded before you, people won’t assume you’re going to be successful yourself. That means you have to prove it to them.” – Carrie Mantha

Thank you to Levo & Startup Studio

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