Front Door Feng Shui

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As working women, we run run run all day and when we come home, we want a clean house, dinner made and everything in order. Although that’s most likely not how it actually works for all of us, we can still dream! Something really interesting that we came upon recently is Feng Shui for your home. Some people really believe that it increases mood and positive energy. There are some really interesting tips to make your home feel more harmonious.

What is Feng Shui? It is simply the art of a harmonious living environment. The five elements (fire, metal, earth, wood and water) are what feng shui revolves around. The goal is to balance these elements. The elements are known to have a positive/negative energy called Chi.

“If one surrounds themselves with positive, vibrant energy they will have be happier with better fortune.”

Some even use Feng Shui in their business to increase turnover and profits, especially spas.

Although there are so many different feng shui ideas for your home. We are going to talk about your FRONT DOOR to your home because it seems to be an easy way to get started learning.

  • SOUTH FACING DOOR: A red, brown or green color for the fire motif
  • NORTH FACING DOOR: A blue, black or white color for the water motif
  • EAST DOOR: A green, blue or black color for the woof motif
  • WEST DOOR: A white, yellow or metallic color for the metal motif

It is thought that when the main door to your home is painted the correct color that it becomes more pleasing to the eye and welcoming. You could try this easy tip in your home and see if you notice a difference.

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