New CarbonMAX JetStream Athletic Shoes



We have some new safety shoes on the site for your purchase and they are HOT RIGHT NOW. They are colorful, fun and extremely safe for any environment. The technology they entail is completely new to anything we currently have on the site. If we have to wear a safety shoe, we want to make them stylish!

The Safety Toe: The unique thing about these athletic shoes is that Wolverine invented a brand new Carbonmax Safety Toe. The point of these safety caps is that they are lightweight without sacrificing protection. The walls of the cap are thin, providing extra room for your toes. They are ASTM rated and will prevent your feet from falling object injury.

The Shoe: The entire shoe only weighs 10.5 oz! This is meant to take unnecessary strain off of your legs and feet when you’re wearing them for a long time. The shoe is made of a breathable mesh that is moisture-wicking and also provides ventilation for odor control. You’ll enjoy walking around on the memory foam foot bed. (think of those bathroom memory foam mats!) The nylon shank adds support to your foot to reduce injury.

The Outsole: The outsole of this shoe is rubber lug so it is extremely durable. It is also slip resistant on a variety of surfaces.


We have four different color options for you!

Multicolor, Hot Pink/Black, Aqua/Gray, or All Black

Wolverine Women's Multicolored JetStream Carbonmax Safety Toe Shoes - W10693

Wolverine Women's Pink/Black JetStream Carbonmax Safety Toe Shoe - W10678

Wolverine Women's Blue/Grey JetStream Carbonmax Safety Toe Shoes - W10753

Wolverine Women's Solid Black JetStream Carbonmax Safety Toe Shoe - W10756

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