OSHA’s Alliance with NAWIC


The NAWIC, or National Association of Women in Construction began in 1955 to recognize those hard working ladies. With over 4,000 women in the organization, OSHA was bound to start focusing on the women in this career path.

If you were not aware, as of 2013, OSHA has an alliance with the NAWIC. They continue to work on this alliance to make the working conditions for women the best that they can be. This OSHA alliance had a five year pact to look at all different areas of work that women construction workers are exposed to including supplies, tools, sanitation and much more. They have now renewed this pact to further look into these working conditions.

They say they want women to be more involved in the rule making process and helping inform others of these rules. They want more women in the meeting rooms and to give input on their own working conditions and how they can be improved.

This is pretty cool and a step up to women equality. We have so many women working in construction and we need safety precautions too. Thank you OSHA for recognizing the NAWIC!


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