How To Protect Your Ears

Protect your ears! Even your ears need as much protection as everything else on your body. Protect your ears from any noise level, particularly loud ones, in addition to particles and debris from entering the ears. Ear plugs and ear muffs are considered Personal Protective Equipment, also known as PPE. These are crucial in safety when working in loud environments or someplace where debris could fly into the ears.

Ear plugs are usually known for being used during swimming or on airplanes to keep noise out but they are also essential in many work environments. The best part about ear plugs are that they are small enough to be worn discreetly. We carry these in bulk, so if you work with a group of people or just want to have plenty, then Safety Girl is your place. We carry small bulk quantities of 100 or larger quantities of 500. We even carry some that come in a dispenser for added convenience!

However, if you do not prefer internal ear plugs, you can still protect your hearing. Over-the-ear earmuffs are just as effective as internal earplugs. The best part is that you don’t have to toss these out when you’re done with them. Try standard ear muffs like the Pyramex NRR 22dB Ear Muffs. These have comfortable padding on the headband in addition to soft ear cups that fold away when not in use. If you would rather have a more advanced pair of ear muffs, then perhaps the Pyramex Safety Clandestine Electronic Ear Muffs – VGPME10 could be a better fit. Thes ear muffs are collapsible, helps cancel noise, and even have a microphone. To top it off, they are ANSI S3.19 rated.


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