The Wisdom of Pioneering Woman – Join Us!

Hey there friends, we’re hoping you’re well and that you’re staying warm despite the cold weather that has hit the majority of the country 🥶⛄ We know this time of year, even without a raging global pandemic, can be difficult to get through. It’s gray (at least where we are!) the groundhog has just ordered 6 more weeks of winter, and there’s not much to look forward to. Well, we’ve got an exciting event coming up for you that’s – wait for it – FREE to attend, and can be watched from the comfort of your home (or cubicle)!

The event that we’re delighted to be taking part in is The Wisdom of Pioneering Women conference. This event is hosted by Cliff Day, President of O2 Armor and features ten inspiring women from industries all across the board who will be speaking on their challenges and victories to support and encourage you in your own journey and success. Learn how to create breakthroughs that can revolutionize how you and your family navigate the ever present work-life balance.

Now, if I may shine the spotlight on the lady who is representing SafetyGirl in this presentation – our Senior Merchandising Specialist, Caitlin Beltz!

Caitlin Beltz is the Senior Merchandiser for the source for Women’s workwear, footwear, and accessories. From past experience in primarily male dominated industries, Caitlin knows the need of products specifically tailored for women in trade. provides that niche for women in the industry!

While expanding the reach of SafetyGirl to grow into a larger, more specialized safety market for women, Caitlin has also been growing her family. As a new mom she has had to maneuver her way through the pandemic, while being pregnant, and operate three safety stores that are primarily focused on selling PPE. She dealt head on with the upheaval the pandemic brought to the industry, and navigated her stores to the most success they have seen in recent years. Through it all, she has learned the importance of being detail oriented and multi-tasking, all while raising her daughter to be as strong and independent as her mom.

So let’s create a community where we can receive support in moving beyond our limitations and into our full potential! If you’re interested in watching this event, click on the link below to register! It starts at 9;00 AM on February 23, 2021 with a different speaker every half an hour. You can find the official schedule below. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity for networking, fun, and a chance for free offers from the various participants 😏 We’ll see you there!

Link to register:

Schedule of Speakers:

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