SafetyGirl Personal Alarms

Are you looking for a safe way to protect yourself for under $20? Look no further than SafetyGirl’s Mace Personal Alarms.  You’ll draw attention to yourself during a crisis but won’t need to worry about the risks of deploying any dangerous chemicals or carrying a stun gun. At only $3.49, the Mace Emergency Whistle is …

SafetyGirl Pepper Sprays

As discussed in the Self Defense Prevention and Tips article from last week, we know preventing potential dangerous situations is our first line of defense against violent situations such as physical and sexual assault, robbery, or even homicide. On the occasion that you are in a vulnerable situation, however, your second line of defense is being prepared to protect yourself. While common items such as keys, purse straps, or heavy books can be useful weapons, carrying mace or pepper spray is a surefire say to ward off an attacker and protect yourself from harm.