All The Single Ladies

This is a repost from 2009. While the information is still relevant, the verbiage may not be exactly fresh! If you’ve been following the posts on this blog, you know that we’re all about safety, and Girls’ Night Out is no exception to the rule. No matter where women go on such occasions, it’s essential …

Date Rape Prevention

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, 1 in 6 women are victims of an attempted or completed rape each year. More shockingly, 11% of high school aged females are raped each year, and as many as 25% of college aged women experience complete or attempted rape each year. Even worse, these numbers underestimate the problem because many women are afraid to report a rape incident to the police, much less family members or friends. Rape victims often feel ashamed, guilty, embarrassed of the incident or threatened by the sexual predator.