Carolina Boots – Ideally Designed for Hardworking Women

Carolina boots are strong enough to withstand just about anything - from a long workday to a grueling hike up the mountain. Check out our selection of Carolina boots and decide which are best for you!

Safety Girl Logger Boots: Durability, Protection, Comfort, and Style All in One

We understand that work can be dangerous, and your feet may be at risk from falling objects or crush injuries. That's why we offer a selection of quality logger boots, fit for any hard working woman who needs an extra layer of protection in her shoes. Check out our Safety Girl logger boots for a high quality, protective boot.

Pink Work Boots

If you thought you had all the pink you could wear, think again! Safety Girl is proud to bring you two great options for pink work boots: one by Safety Girl and the other by Moxie Trades. Both offering the best in safety, durability, and style, you’ll be putting your feminine foot down on the …

Women’s Work Boots

For many of us, snow is already here to stay. With the cold, wet, and icy weather, it’s more important than any other time of year to keep your feet warm and protected. Look no further than Safety Girl for the perfect boots for any winter work or activity! If you’re looking for a classic …